Stuff Davey says

Davey has been so funny lately in the things he says.  I have got to get some of them down, so I don’t forget them.

Yesterday he told me that he could not get the song by Mr. Rogers Federer out of his head.  You know, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”  I told him that it is Mr. Rogers, but he disagreed.  David follows Federer closely and talks about him so I think that is how the Mr. Rogers/ Roger Federer morph occurred.

After Davey’s meltdown the other day at the post office, we talked about how we felt about it for a few minutes.

I told him that it made me feel kind of bad.  He scooted closer to me and said, “Mommy,  I know how you feel.”   Then he said, “Did it make you feel nervous?”  My little therapist.

Yesterday we went to a yarn shop.  There is a nice little area with toys where he likes to play while I look at yarn.  So I was actually picking out some buttons yesterday, and when I was done I told Davey that it was time to go.  We needed to pick up the toys and I offered to help,  but Davey said, “No Mommy.  It is my responsibility.”  He insisted on picking them all up by himself.  Now if only he felt the same responsibility at home!

And finally, we were driving yesterday and Davey said, “Mommy.  I wonder who I will marry some day.”

I was a little flabbergasted and wasn’t sure what to say.  But he continued, “I guess I could marry Olivia.  Olivia says that she is going to marry me.”

I told him that he had a lot of time before he was 40 and needed to think about getting married.  Ok maybe 30.

He just catches me by surprise all the time with the things he says.

3 thoughts on “Stuff Davey says

  1. Ha! Too darn cute! I will never forget the day Alex asked us what an “alamino” was. The Alamo? No. Minnow? No. We were stumped. She was getting frustrated. We asked her to be more specific. She started saying the alphabet…. ah, the lightbulb went off. L, M, N, O….

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