The day to day

Monday through Wednesday always seem to just disappear.  And then it’s Thursday and I realize that I have not blogged since Sunday, and that just bugs me.  (If I look back at the past few weeks, I probably repeat nearly the same thing every Thursday).

We had an early snowstorm a few weeks ago that took lots of limbs off the trees, so “we’ve” been cleaning that up (My part has been minimal, although David has left a few final piles of leaves for me).

Koko enjoys spending time in the yard with us.  She is 15 and 3/4 now.  She’s hanging in there.

Davey was not much more help to Daddy then I was.   He got out his car which he received as a birthday gift when he turned 1!!  He uses it as a step stool to the trampoline these days I think.

It was a nice enough day out that he could enjoy some trampoline jumping.  He didn’t clear those leaves on the trampoline either.  But I think they added some nice crunch to his jumping.

Davey tells me that he wants to be a photographer when he grows up.  He pronounces it “Photo   Grapher”  which I love.  He took this picture of me.  I had just gotten home from a 4 mile walk/run which was the most exercise I’d done in awhile.  I’m looking pretty rough, but I like this picture because he took it.

The little Photo Grapher has also been enjoying painting too.  He is very abstract.  I think he is just enjoying the feeling of putting the paint on the paper, which I agree is very fun.

3 thoughts on “The day to day

  1. I love the every day notes you post. I missed so many months and it makes me so mad at myself,but I wasn’t feeling good and then the broken foot.I think 2 years was just wasted feeling bad and blu. I am so happy to be back to some kind of normal life and your blogs remind me how much fun I use to have blooging! 🙂 Just the past few days have been fun. I think I am getting my mojo back. You inspire me.No one else seems to be blogging anymore. I think FB takes ppls time away. I like how you connect yours to FB.

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