Baby Chalice Blanket

Last week I finished a baby blanket.  This was a great pattern.

It is a  lace pattern, but it’s not difficult.  I had to pay attention, but I used my stitch markers at each repeat across the row, and I had no problems.  I could even watch tv and knit on it!

The blanket went to friends who just had a sweet baby boy.  They named him Beckett.  I love that name!

Yarn – I used an acrylic blend so that they could toss it in the washer and dryer.  It had a really soft nice squish to it.  It was this yarn:  Baby Bee.

I highly recommend this pattern!

So that’s about it on knitting.  I’m working on that Advent Calendar Knit a long.  The designer reveals a bit of the pattern each day.  I guess they are on Day 13.  I am on Day 1.  hmm.  Well, now that school is out for awhile, I should have some time to knit again!

5 thoughts on “Baby Chalice Blanket

  1. Love the beautiful yarn blanket! When Ashley was born my bff’s mom made her a beautiful yarn blanky. We still have it and one day she can wrap her little ones in it 🙂 What a wonderful gift!!

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