The Adventures of Wee Tot

Ever since Davey was a baby we’ve had nicknames for him.  They have included  “The Little Elf,  “Little Buddha” and one that has stuck is “Wee Tot”.

So Wee Tot.  Lately, David has started telling Davey stories which are titled “The Adventures of Wee Tot”.  They began as stories that were really about David as a little boy with a little Davey mixed in.   Lately they have evolved into Wee Tot the Superhero.

Little Wee Tot battles all the greats including Sandman, Abomination, Riddler, the Blob, and Juggernaut.  The battle always ends with a trip to jail with Wee Tot as their escort.  Wee Tot’s career as a superhero began one day when he was shopping with his mom in Hot Springs.  While looking around the store, they came across a very special  cape.  This cape gave Wee Tot special powers.  He can fly and he has super strength.  Basically he has the powers of Superman.

Every day, Davey says to me, “I wonder what the Wee Tot story will be tonight?”  Our bedtime routine includes reading a few books and then it is time for the Wee Tot story.  Last night Incredible Hulk helped Santa Claus deliver presents.  Somehow, Wee Tot had the foresight to know that this was a possibility, so he’d left iced green Christmas cookies for the Hulk.  Wee Tot knew that Hulk had enjoyed the cookies because in thanks, he left a scrap of purple cloth under the plate.

The other day, we were at the rec center and I heard Davey introducing himself to another little boy.  He said, “Hi my name is Davey, but you can just call me Wee Tot”.

Here Wee Tot is trying to help me yell the squirrels out of the bird feeder.

I am thankful for Davey and his Daddy’s big imaginations.

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