Gap-Tastic! and a birthday.

I just finished the most funnest cowl (yes bad grammar but it works for what I want to express)!  It was a quick knit in bulky yarn and on size 15 needles.  It is a free pattern that I found on ravelry.  It’s been crazy popular on ravelry.  Apparently the designer saw the cowl at the Gap and decided to figure out how to make it.  It’s very very easy.  Cast on 131 stitches, seed stitch for 15 inches (I did about 12 I think) on size 13 needles (I used size 15 because I didn’t think I had any size 13s, but turns out I did.  Happened to find them last night.)

It’s very warm too.  Should be nice for cold days around here.  I think everyone on the planet should knit this (perhaps in cotton for warmer climates).  I want to knit another one.  Thinking about using up some of my Lamb’s Pride Bulky and going with multicolors.  We shall see!

It’s my birthday today too!  It’s been such a nice day.  We are going to dinner soon.  Birthday dinner at PF Chang’s!  A fun treat.

We had cake earlier today.  An icing covered cake was very important to Davey. David picked out a pretty one.

Davey helped me blow out the candles.

a nice birthday!

5 thoughts on “Gap-Tastic! and a birthday.

  1. Kathy is working on a cowl also, I wonder if it is same pattern?
    Anyway- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your special day with your great guys!

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