Snowy morning

We are all home this morning.  Yay!   I am watching the snow fall as I write this.  Very nice!  We got a lot of snow last night.  At some point we will venture out into it, but’s pretty cold out!

David had to get out this morning to clear a path for Koko.

He dug a path in the yard so that Koko would have an easier time maneuvering around.  Koko gave it a look.

But no one, not even Mother Nature, can tell Koko where she can and can’t go, and she made her own path.

Stubborn old girl.

Me, I’m hoping to do quite abit of this today:

I’m making my first pair of mittens.  I love the cabling on them.

Happy Day!

4 thoughts on “Snowy morning

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…they look PERFECT for a cold winter day. I just love cabled mittens (although, it’s been almost 30 years since I’ve owned ANY mittens. LOL)

    Have a wonderful Christmas. Hope Santa is good to little Davey.

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