Preschool According to the Wee Tot

Last night as we were getting Davey to sleep, he told us more about his first day of preschool.

At snack time, they had a paper cup of cheerios and a carton of milk.  Apparently Davey added the milk to the cheerios.  That would make sense if he had ever eaten cereal with milk, but he hasn’t and will not.  He said that he saw the “kindergarteners” doing it when he had visited the prior week.

He loved talking about the playground.

They played chase.  The person chasing them was a vampire.  “But it was not scary Mommy.  It was more of an exercise game.”

Then they chased a little boy.  (I am assuming (hoping) that this was a fun chase for the boy being chased.) He explained it in this way. “He runded and we runded, and he runded and we runded…it was a little awkward.”  Then he paused and grinned.

He broke his “stick”.  This is part of a flag system that they use to move from activity to activity.  He proceeded to flex his arms and show me how hard he’d “squeezed” it.  He said he didn’t know it would break that easily, but that they were going to make him a new one.  “Mommy, I saw a big bin of them on the shelf.”

He liked the area where they read books.  “There is a little sofa for kids.  We can sit by each other on the sofa and read books.”

He also explained that there were “red chairs and blue chairs.  The blue chairs were little for the kids.  The red chairs were big for the grown ups.  Even though red is not for girls, they still sat in them.”

I love getting his perspective.

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