Wee Tot Starts Preschool

Today was Davey’s first day of preschool.

He loved it.

The preschool called midmorning to say that he was having a “fantastic first day”.  Apparently he jumped right in there and wanted to participate in all the activities.

We received a daily activity report which told us all the things Davey and his class did today:

They read and talked about “The Little Red Hen”.  They also put on a puppet show.

They sorted pasta according to its size and shape.

They glued pasta to create an art project.

They moved their bodies like wiggly spaghetti while they danced (I guess you can guess the theme of the day.  They are talking about The Food Pyramid this week.  Today was Pasta day.)

They had a sensory table filled with cooked spaghetti.

They followed musical directions to the “Let’s Make a Pizza Song” (I’m not familiar with this tune).

They sorted foods into their proper spots on a computer game called “My Pyramid Blast off”.

Q is the letter of the week.

Davey ate lunch with them before he came home at 1pm.  He ate all of his cheese, most of his goldfish and some of his almond butter and jelly sandwich.  He wanted to save his gummy bears.  He drank some water and most of his juice.

Memorable Moment as written by his teacher:  “Davey had a great 1st day.  He made some new friends and had fun gluing noodles to his art!  He was so excited when a friend showed him his cool new ant farm.”

He can’t wait to go back.  Some of the kids stay all day and they were getting ready for naptime.  Davey was disappointed that he could not stay longer and have naptime with them.  Davey – seeking a nap.  That was a first for me.  “I’m tired Mommy!”

So glad I can blog and record his very first day of school!

Wee Tot.


6 thoughts on “Wee Tot Starts Preschool

  1. I think that having a great first school experience is a longterm gift, getting the child into a positive view of school in general. Good for Davey, jumping right in there! And good for his parents, preparing him to be so confident and secure even in a new setting 🙂

  2. How lovely. 😀 I remember son #2 starting nursery when he was 3 years old. We got to the door, he saw a sandbox, dashed inside and that was that. He barely looked up to say goodbye to me. 😉

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