Frost Generously

I am addicted to  I find so much inspiration there.  Knitting inspiration.  Inspiring quotes.  And many recipes that I am inspired to make.  I’ve made a few now and they’ve been really good.  Actually there is nothing wrong with the latest recipe that I tried yesterday.  Red Quinoa, Apple and Cranberry Cake.  I love quinoa, and I am always looking for a new way to try it, so I thought this recipe would be perfect.  I mean, just look at this picture.  It looked really good to me.

And it is pretty tasty.  It is made with red quinoa (cooked) and whole wheat flour.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve ever won the Davids over with a recipe made without any white flour.

I should have read the recipe more carefully.  As I was putting it in the oven, I read the recipe for the cream cheese icing.  It seemed to make a buttload of icing for not that much cake.  Typically, I have  read recipes which say, “ice with such and such icing, but this cake is so awesomely wonderful that you may just want to eat it by itself sans icing.”  I see that quite abit.  Well, this recipe ended with instructions to “Frost Generously”.

So I frosted generously.  I frosted generously and still had a ton of icing left over. I frosted graham crackers with the rest, and Davey gobbled these up.

After I frosted the cake, David and I tried a slice.  It was late afternoon, and we decided that the cake was so “hearty” that we would not need dinner for quite awhile.

I thought I might enjoy it more as a breakfast food, despite the cream cheese icing.  And I did.  It’s just not what we think of as cake.  As breakfast food – a pretty hearty filling breakfast.

Davey wanted another slice of it, but he was straightforward in announcing his intent to only eat the icing.  He had actually iced almost the entire cake, and he insisted on adding sprinkles.

Even David.  Here’s the slice he created.

Notice the relatively thin layer of cake.

If you like a hearty not so sweet very healthy tasting cake, then this is an awesome recipe.  You know, it might make for some nice muffins with a glaze.  I might try it that way.

So that’s the story of the quinoa, apple and cranberry cake.


2 thoughts on “Frost Generously

  1. I have never heard of quinoa! I looked it up on Google, it looks like something I should try. It’s a little high in carbs, something I have to be careful with since I’m diabetic. Thanks for teaching me something new!

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