Finished the coolest hat today.  I was so happy to finish it that I wanted everyone to try it on.

Big David:

Little Davey:

and me:

I didn’t get the greatest of pictures so I went for creative cropping.

Even styrofoam head lady:

I even got one that almost looks like the hat is floating in the air.

The cables almost have a medusa thing going.  I am not going to dwell on this idea.

I started this hat back in August.  I finally got it done.  It was pretty slow going with all the cables, but I enjoyed it.

Yesterday, I was nearing the end when suddenly – I was tugging (I thought just a little) on a stitch which was a little tight from a previous cable or something.  All of a sudden my yarn broke.  Not the yarn coming from the skein.  The actual loop over the needle.  All of a sudden I had two less than 1/2 inch little ends looking at me.  It was kinda terrifying.  I thought for a minute, and then I ripped it back a couple of rows.  I put all the stitches back on the needles, and then I put the project in timeout for the rest of the day.  (I learned about knitting project timeouts from TheKnitGirllls.  I’ve been watching their videocast for the last couple of months.  I love to watch and knit with them.)  Anyway, I got it back out today and everything was ok.  No stitches disappeared – well except for that broken one – I’m not sure what happened to it or how I compensated for it.

Great hat.  Great pattern.  Great rustic yarn too.


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