Tuesday snow and Pinterest success stories

It started snowing last night again and is just now starting to let up.  It was not a real heavy snow, but it was enough to make it a pain for David to get to work this morning.

And it is cold!  Davey and I are hanging around the house staying warm!

I have mentioned that I am a fan of pinterest, and I want to share two recipes that I found there that I thought turned out great!

For Super Bowl Sunday, I made a cinnamon roll cake.  This turned out really good.  The dough almost had the consistency of yeast dough, but it wasn’t.  Then the cinnamon roll cake tasted very similar to cinnamon rolls.  Too good!  So that was a pinterest success.

Then the other day I found a recipe for a homemade Starbucks frappucino.  And a healthier version of it as well.  I made one this morning.  It was really good.  If you put a Starbucks frappucino in front of me and then the one I made – I’m not sure I could have identified them correctly.  I like mocha frappucinos so I added chocolate syrup to the mixture before I froze it.  I don’t have these very often, but every once in awhile I have a craving.  I don’t like to spend at least $4.00 on them either.  I don’t have to anymore!

Had to share some Pinterest success.  Think I’ll go find a recipe for dinner now.

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