The Great Cowl KAL

Today I finished my first cowl for “The Great Cowl Kal“.  The designer Liz Abinante has designed the cowls for this KAL and is leading it. I could not resist joining this knit-along.  I am going to try to knit 5 cowls in 50 days.  You have 10 days to knit the first pattern which is what I just finished.  If you finish in time and post photos of the finished object to her website, then you get the next pattern for free.  This is a challenge that sounded very fun to me.  So on Wednesday or Thursday, whenever she releases the 2nd cowl, I will have 10 days to complete it so that I can receive the next pattern for free.  I am also going to try to knit each cowl from yarn that I already own.

So here’s the first finished cowl.  This is Plymouth baby alpaca and I bought this yarn several years ago back in Arkadelphia!

I’d never knitted brioche stitch before, and I loved it.  It’s really fun to knit, and I love how pretty it is.

I’m not thrilled with the bind off that I used.  With this kind of yarn – which has little elasticity, I should have made sure that I used a really stretchy loose cast off method.  As a result, it kind of curls under at the edge, which makes it difficult to get it to lie flat.

Of course, regardless, I think Davey’s pretty cute in it!

5 thoughts on “The Great Cowl KAL

  1. This came out GREAT! And you’re knitting brioche. Wow! I find that difficult–never been able to figure out how to fix mistake. Good luck with your cowl challenge. Windschief, by Stephen West, is my new quick cowl fav.

  2. Hello there,
    I have had trouble with this stitch all day long, frogging my work at least twice and still having it wrong. Do you maybe know how the Charts look like or maybe a Video? I have tried Google, but it did not help me much, except from wrong Videos, your blog (luckily) and lots of knitting-pages which (of course 😦 ) did not help me. They mostly show a Brioche pattern which looks the same on both sides, but this one is different… 😦

    Sorry to bother you, but I am pretty desperate…

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