Catching Up

I have not been able to blog all week or maybe more accurately, I’ve not taken the time to blog!  We’ve all been a little puny and then also really busy with school.  I’m into another round of grading but I am procrastinating a little bit because I really need to write a blog entry!

I’m actually at the Little Gym watching Davey in his tumbling class.  He’s having a great time.  There’s a parent activity at the end of class.  That should be fun.  Then we will go have lunch, kill a little time, and come back for karate.

It was kind of slushy driving here.  The weather has been crazy.  We had winds last night like I’d never experienced.  Then a little snow – just enough to make things messy.  But we made it over here without much trouble.

I’m knitting away on the next cowl.  It’s not due until next Wednesday.  The same day as midterm grades are due and a couple of other things so I’m stressing a little over it again.  Not in a bad way,  I just would like to finish it.  It’s mostly tons of stockinette and soon I will be starting some short rows.  It’s an interesting pattern, and I love the yarn I am using although I am still trying to remember what it is for sure.

Last Sunday, (or Saturday?  David are having a conversation right now via text in which we are trying to remember which day it was.  Neither of us are sure.  Good gracious) we finally went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Wow fun.  We all loved it.  We went ahead and got an annual pass, and Davey was ready to go back the next day.  We couldn’t make it back the very next day, but I’m hopeful we can go sometime this week still.

Davey dressed up like an astronaut.  There is a really neat space section.

Daddy loved the dinosaur bones too.

Davey always loves studying maps.

There was this really cool health exhibit which had all these interactive activities.  Davey stood in front of this display and the skeleton in the display changed movements to imitate what Davey was doing.  Really neat.

Finally, there was a great children’s activity/play area, and Davey loved “digging for dinosaur bones”!

Fun day.

Ok almost time for activity with Davey!



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