Perpetually Persistent Cowl and my little photographer

Cowl number 4 is done.  I started this on Thursday and finished it last night.  It went so fast and was a fun knit.  It went so fast because it was on size 17 needles and was knitted with this super chunky yarn (Malabrigo Rasta).  I am thinking it will be suitable for wear when it is below zero outside.  It’s very thick and warm – pretty soft too.

Davey was kind enough to model again for me this morning.

He got goofy and was being silly (the wee tot is also in need of a haircut.  His hair was kinda crazy this morning!).

I also got a close up of him that I really liked.

Then he wanted to take pictures of me.  He took one picture and he then instructed me to move to a better light.  “Mommy, let’s get somewhere where the light is not behind you.”  Then he wanted me to take off the cowl.  It was freaking him out a little.

So he took another picture of which he approved.

Then he wanted to arrange the cowl on the wig head and he knew just where he wanted to place it.

Love having my helpful photography assistant although actually I may have become the assistant at this point!


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