Baby Vision

It’s Sunday and we are having a definite “loki” day.  Davey is running a fever and is not feeling great.  I am still trying to get over a cold and David has a little bit of a cold himself.  So we are just hanging out.  I’m reading and actually knitting on something that is not a cowl for the first time in several weeks.

It is a fingerless glove – well it will actually have partial fingers and the flap thing that will come over the hand to make a mitten.  They’re convertible mittens and the pattern is called “Podster Glove”.  I am knitting with the prettiest Shibui sock yarn.  Here’s an ok iphone pic.

I love that blue!

I also wanted to blog about Davey’s “baby vision”.  Lately, whenever David and I talk about something that we did before he was born, Davey goes into baby vision mode.  He likes to think that he has always been with us and has participated throughout.  So he stops and he kinda tilts his head and says “baby vision”.  It is with this “baby vision” that he is able to experience these moments from before he was born.  I’m not sure how he came up with this, but it’s pretty cute.

After he goes into “baby vision”, he says things like “oh yeah” and “I remember that with my baby vision”.

This is not exactly the expression he makes, but it’s a unique one that I’ve not captured in a photograph before.  We were getting ready to head to Home Depot yesterday for the kid’s workshop.

I’d just finished working on his hair which had just previously looked like this (a kinda blurry picture but I like it):

Ok back to some more “loki” time!

3 thoughts on “Baby Vision

  1. Excellent pictures. Davey is getting big! I love how children’s faces become more defined over time. “Baby vision” is a very cool concept for someone so young to have figured out!

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