Spring Soccer!

Davey began his second season of soccer today.  It was beautiful outside.  Sunny, no wind and comfortable temps.

Davey had a great time.   He got right back into it.   They are the “Eagles”, so I think he was flying here.

He’s gotten much better at moving the ball.  Very focused:

They had to take turns playing since it is 3 on 3.  He didn’t mind taking time out though.  He looks to be having a very nice chat with his teammate here (I really want to get a better zoom!)

He’s still not all that interested yet in really getting after the ball, but it’s early in the season.  He still spends a lot of time hopping gleefully as he runs after the child who is actually kicking the ball.

He does look ready to go here though!

After the game, he was ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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