St Patrick’s Day and a Cooking Show

Davey loves a party.  So yesterday, he didn’t want to wear green, (“little kids don’t have to wear green”) but he wanted to make cookies and have cupcakes.  We ended up buying some cupcakes because I have not mastered the high altitude cupcake yet, and we made cookies.

Hobby Lobby didn’t have shamrock cookies cutters so we went with kind of a flowery shape.  It worked just fine – as long as Davey was doing the cookie cutting.  I was having difficulty, but Davey had a technique that worked much better than mine (I have limited experience with cookie cutters.  I never make sugar cookies with icing because I have no self control when it comes to that type of cookie).

So Davey was in charge of wielding the cookie cutter.

Lately Davey loves to watch cooking shows.   And now he wants us to pretend that we are hosting a cooking show.  So the other day, he helped me mix up something for dinner.  It involved stirring, and so as we were stirring Davey was saying, “Now isn’t this looking just beautiful.”

When he has to leave for a second, he wants me to keep up the commentary.  “Next we will be putting icing on the cookies and then adding sprinkles.  We’ll be right back!”

I didn’t buy the best jar of sprinkles.  They came out too fast and were difficult to apply evenly.  Davey found this hilarious.

I love this next photo.  David told us to smile nice for the camera.  I guess Davey didn’t feel like it at the moment.  Or it was when David was saying he wanted a cookie, and Davey was informing him that he had to “WAIT FOR THE PARTY! “I find this picture hilarious because it shows Davey when he is being totally tootsville.

Ree Drummond from the Pioneer Woman is going to be here next weekend for a book signing. Davey loves watching her cooking show with me.  He likes to see her kids on there.  I’m hoping we can go.  I think he’d find that really cool.

And finally a cookie close-up shot.  These are just too fun.


2 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day and a Cooking Show

  1. Cute cookies! I’ve never had too much luck when making sugar cookies. One of my goals this year is to learn to make & decorate seasonal sugar cookies. I’ve pinned many ideas on Pinterest.

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