Lemon Drop Cowl

I’ve finished the final cowl in the Great Cowl KAL!  5 cowls in 50 days!  It was another fun knit.  I had purchased some Misti Alpaca back in Arkadelphia, and I had a few skeins of it.  I still have one left.  I may make a tam or some kind of hat to go with the cowl.

The pattern is called the Blueberry Scowl, but my cowl is very yellow!

Since the yarn is solid, I thought it would be fun to have 3 different buttons.  I found them at my favorite yarn shop Fancy Tiger.

Love the tiger button!

This is my kinda interesting shot of the cowl.

The pattern was not a hard one.  I had to cast on 300 stitches though, and somehow, my brioche stitch got a little wonky for abit.  I got it back on track though.  There’s also a 1 by 1 rib and 2 by 2 rib.  It’s a neat pattern.  I probably should block this out.  I’ve not done that yet.

I’m at the Little Gym right now watching Davey in his tumbling class.  On the way here he told me, “I have so much to do today Mommy.  Little Gym, and then I have a pretend meeting and a pretend class and then another pretend meeting and another pretend class!”

He has been to a couple of meetings with me at achool in the past couple of weeks.  He sits so quietly.  Not a peep.  He draws and plays on my iphone and has done great.  So he’s gotten into the spirit of our school life.  Teaching and meetings.  It’s very fun for him.  “Mommy.  I love to come to Rocky Mountain High!”  (that’s what he calls our school).

If I can just teach him to grade for me.  I’ll be set! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lemon Drop Cowl

  1. It’s very pretty! Those buttons are the perfect finishing touch.

    I hope Davey enjoys his busy days. Surely pretend meetings are more fun than the real ones!

  2. Hello,
    I like that Great Cowl Kal.
    Would it be possible to get that Brioche stitch description/technique somehow?
    Great blog!
    Best regards,

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