Easter 2012!

Great Easter weekend!

Saturday we had soccer.  Before soccer, Davey and David went to do the monthly Home Depot craft.  They made a really cute bird feeder.  After soccer we went to the community Easter egg hunt.  We won’t do that again.  It was really chaotic.  People ran out before they were supposed to.  The parents were not supposed to run out into the field at all,  but off they went anyway.  David and I were trying to keep our eyes on Davey which was not easy at all.

Apparently these children and I guess their parents had never had candy before.  The smarties and twizzlers must have been a rare treat!  It was an experience.

A pre-hunt picture!

Once we got home, we dyed Easter eggs.  I think this was the first time, we’d dyed eggs with Davey.  It was a lot of fun. It had been a lonnngggg time since I’d dyed an egg.

David had a fun time too (as you can see above, he had fun with the wax crayon!).

Sunday morning, Davey opened up his Easter basket, and then it was time to hunt eggs.  And hunt them again.  And hunt them again.  Today, he hid them all and hunted them again.  Then David hid them once more.

It was chilly early Sunday though.

Fascinated by an egg.

After he hunted in the backyard, he became convinced that the Easter Bunny must have hid some in the front yard as well.  So David bounded off to the front yard and quickly hid them again.

Davey was sure that there was an egg in the mailbox (there was not).

He did recognize some of the eggs that he’d already found in the backyard.  He thought about this for a minute, but then just went with it.  He definitely has the imagination to work this out.

We also got to hunt with the little girls across the street.  This was Davey’s typical pose as he made his way from egg to egg.

Something was very exciting here.

They mostly moved as a trio (I didn’t want to put pictures of the girls’ faces as I didn’t have permission from their parents, but I loved this picture of what must have been the spotting of an egg!).

The Easter Egg Hunt(s) were a great success!


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