Fishing and C3PO Dance Party!

Today David took Davey fishing.  I was not able to go because I had class, but David took lots of pictures. They met Davey’s friend up there (and her mom). They had a great time and caught a bunch of fish.

Davey reeled them in all by himself!

He also enjoyed watching Olivia reel in her fish.

Serious kid proudly holding up his fish.

Davey told David, “There is NO way that I am touching a worm.  I don’t want to touch a worm.  No Way, I am not touching a worm!”

So after they began fishing, after awhile David turned around and saw this:

Olivia got right in there with him.

I’m looking forward to joining them next time (well maybe I will pass on playing with the worms).

I also had to post this picture.  Davey arranges all his little guys into different scenes.  For example last night, he had a big party in the Millenium Flacon.  Apparently C3PO was the life of the party!


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