Knitting again!

My semester is over and except for finishing up some grading and posting my grades, I am pretty much free for a few weeks.  Yay.  I’ve been getting a chance to knit more again.

I actually finished something yesterday.  Back in November I’d started a pattern called “198 Yards of Heaven”.  It’s a lace shawlette.  I’m happy to have finished it because this is one of those projects that I’d failed on a few times when I was still trying to figure out lace.

I used some Plymouth Happy Feet that I had purchased from Knit Unto Others in Arkadelphia.  I love this yarn, but it’s dk and ideally the shawl should have been done in worsted.  Not necessarily, ideally on the yarn weight – I guess ideally I would have done one more pattern repeat to have made it a little larger.

It will be a great kerchief though I think.

It’s a great pattern created by Christy Verity.  It’s been knit almost 3,900 times on ravelry!

I knit Davey a little bunny “nugget” the other day.  I put it in his Easter basket.  It’s a free pattern by Rebecca Danger.

He’s a cute little fellow and was a quick knit.  Davey likes him, but he is worried because the Bunny Nugget doesn’t have any legs.  He wants legs for him.

And finally – as a reward to me for being just about finished with the semester, I’m finally getting to play with the Mawata (Silk Hankies) that I got for Christmas.

This is a stack of layers and layers of silk.  You take each layer and draft it.  I’m still figuring this out and will post some pictures when I get it a little more mastered.  It’s fun though.  You draft it into yarn (basically put a hole in the middle of the square and then you slowly start pulling and pulling until you get a length of yarn the thickness you want.  The hard part is achieving an even consistency).

We shall see how it goes.

1 thought on “Knitting again!

  1. Your shawl is gorgeous! I’m one of the 3,900 and did mine in fingering weight. Love that pattern! The bunny is precious. Can’t wait to see what you do with that silk. I’ve been wanting to try that but don’t have the guts or time!

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