Yesterday Davey turned 4 and 1/2.  We had a small celebration. He’d asked for another addition to his “village”.  He kept asking about it.  So he was pretty happy to come down the stairs and see that he did indeed get what he’d requested. This is not a great picture, but you can see the smile and the “yay! I was hoping for that present” look.

Here he is explaining some of the finer details about his new toy.

Later it was time for cake.  He wanted cupcakes and a cake, so I made a single layer cake.  It’s pretty plain but it was good.  I bought a premade one last year, but I really like home made better.  Well not totally homemade.  I made the icing but used a cake mix.  And I guess that worked out well, because Davey just eats the icing anyway. (The sprinkles were also a specific request!)

This picture of the cake and his superhero “guys” in silhouette appealed to me.  I guess I like the outline of Spiderman’s outstretched hand (I think that’s Spiderman.  I’ll soon be corrected if I am mistaken).

Davey had fun playing with them as well.  I love his focus here.


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