Spring Soccer comes to an End and a little Knitting

This morning was Davey’s last soccer practice/game.  It was really cold out though.  Still is!  40 degrees, but there was no wind so it wan’t too miserable.  I think he liked the cool air.  He is so hot-natured that maybe it invigorated him.  He scored a couple of goals!

He was really proud of his trophy.

We also got his team pictures back.  His individual ones are quite cute.  His team photo is cute too but in a different way.  I didn’t want to totally violate copyright, so I just took a shot of part of his team photo. I’m not sure what is going on here.  He wasn’t upset, but it was pretty bright and warm that day I think.

Davey had a great team and great coaches.  We will miss them.  I think that in the fall he moves from co-ed to all boys.

Now we are looking forward to tee-ball.  He will try this out for the first time next month.

And I’ve been knitting some too.  I finished a really fun beret the other day.  I made it with Manos del Uruguay.  Such nice yarn to knit with.  It’s a fair trade company and non-profit too.  It was created to help women in Uruguay.  It’s some of my favorite yarn to knit with.

This pattern was a lot of fun too.  It’s called Early Morning Beret.  It’s a free pattern, and I highly recommend it!


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