Sunday and Davey’s Knitting

We are having a nice day at home.  Davey is playing with his village.  Last I heard, “frost giants were attacking it”.  He’s very busy.

He picked me out a keychain for Mother’s Day.

I love it!

Yesterday, he told me that he wanted to learn to knit.  I told him that he might not be quite ready to take knitting on, but that I’d certainly try to teach him.  He did get his little fingers wrapped nicely around the needles.

By the looks of his thumbnail, it looks like he went straight from playing in the dirt to knitting.  This is certainly possible.

He sat in my lap and I held his hands, but I thought he did great for the first time. He learned how to insert the needle into the stitch and could pretty much do that on his own.  I had to wrap the yarn around for him, but then he was pretty good at sliding the new stitch off.  He wants to keep practicing.  He’s off to a good start.



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