Friday = puny kid and catching up

Davey and I are hanging out today.  He is kinda puny.  Yesterday he had a fever all day but today so far so good.  I can’t convince him yet though to get out of his pajamas.  I even offered to just switch out pajamas.  He’s had these on for two days so I think it’s time.  That’s the next goal after I finish this.

I’m taking pictures off my camera this morning, putting some up on flickr, and on facebook.  I am also finishing up a sock!  I started it over a year ago.  All that remained was decreasing the toe and kitchener.  I’m down to kitchener now. I really like this self striping yarn in all my favorite shades of green.  It’s from Knitpicks.

I do have to make the second sock still.  Hopefully it won’t be another year before I finish the pair!

Update:  Davey is dressed!

1 thought on “Friday = puny kid and catching up

  1. I love the colours of the sock yarn.
    Just wait til you’ve got a teenager on your hands. 😉 It’s hard to make them change their pyjamas when they’re bigger than you!

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