Sunday afternoon – June 3rd

It’s a nice weekend.  Yesterday we walked in the Denver Brain Tumor walk with a friend of ours (and her family) from school.  It was Davey’s first organized event.  It was just about a 2.5 mile walk.  The sun was beaming down though and Davey hadn’t walked that long before, so David ran and then rescued us at about 1.5 miles. He really enjoyed the walk though.  We walked around Sloane’s Lake which was nice.

After David rescued us, he took us back to the festivities.  They had a kids’ area set up and so Davey was able to blow bubbles and play some other games.  He even got a medal which is always a fun time.

This afternoon we are hanging out.  I’m grading and knitting. (I’m looking forward to posting about some of the fun baby patterns I’ve encountered as soon as I gift the resulting knits!).  David is reading and Davey is playing around with a new app on the Ipad (Davey refers to the Ipad as the “app computer”.  Pretty “apt”!).

If it doesn’t storm this afternoon, we’re thinking of heading down to the Chalk Festival downtown.  We really enjoyed it last year.  There was some amazing work.



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