Sweet Things

Davey has been wanting to have what he refers to as a “love party” for me for awhile now.  He kept telling David:  “We need flowers, a present, cake, a card and decorations.”  So the other day when I got home from work, Davey (and David) had it all ready.

I didn’t get the greatest picture except for that of his grin.  He had picked out a candle for me.  David said he smelled all 32 varieties.  (He likes to smell candles) He picked me out the one he thought I would like the best.

The cardboard boxes are the “party lights”.  Then they bought a small square of cake for us to share.  It was perfect.

They picked out some salvia and snapdragons too, and Davey and I planted them together the next day.

The love party was a great success.  Now Davey wants to have one for David, and then he would like a “surprise” love party for himself.  “You have to surprise me though Mommy!”

He’s started a prek camp this week.  It’s not easy figuring out what all they do.  I have to carefully phrase my questions, and then I still don’t get as much information as I’d like.  Apparently a little boy called him “silly goose”.  Davey didn’t like that.  We told him that that is usually kind of an affectionate name.

Davey said, “well not in MY family!”

And finally, Davey enjoyed painting the other morning.  He painted 6 pictures in rapid succession.  After painting 4 he announced that he was going to be an artist. Approximately 3 minutes later, he was done painting.  I loved his results though.


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