Ione and the magician

I finished “Ione” the other day.  It was a crescent shawlette pattern, and I knitted with a great yarn that I’d not tried out before.   It’s called Prism Saki and I got it when I was visiting my friends at Knit Unto Others in Arkadelphia.  It was so nice to knit with.  This pattern was great too.  It has a lace edging and then garter stitch.  The garter stitch is done in many short rows for the shaping.

The pattern was easy to follow and the lace section was really fun.

Davey helped me model it.

He was dancing around.

He also has been playing magician.

He performed a magic trip for me.

“Here we have a bag that is empty.”


“What?  Handkerchiefs!”




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