Loki Friday

We’re having a quiet day.  Poor Davey woke up throwing up last night.  “Spitting” as he calls it.  So he’s not feeling too well today.

He’s sad too though because today was “Splash Day” at his pre-k summer camp.  He was looking forward to it all week.  He was to wear his swimsuit to class, and then they were going to play outside in the water.  He keeps asking me if his class is still at splash day.  He knows he doesn’t feel well, but he sure hated to miss.

I promised him that we would do a “Splash Day” here.  We’d already bought the little sprinkler.  It’s a “goofy gecko”, and it turns out they’d played with that same sprinkler at their first splash day.  But he said we also need a water table, a pool and lemonade.  And we have to make the lemonade ourselves with lemons, water and sugar.  This is what they did at school. So that’s what we will do.  A water table should be fun for him since it looks like we are going to have a hot summer.  He’ll like getting his “guys” out and playing with them on the table.

This cheered him up.

And hopefully this weekend, he will be doing this.

So he’s resting. He’s feeling a little green I think, but he’s not had to “spit” anymore.  He threw up at about 4am.  I thought he might throw up again, so I had a hard time going back to sleep.  He was lying next to me, and it was like trying to sleep next to a little potential “spit” bomb.  Fortunately, he’d gotten it out of his system I think.

I’m working on a project which involves a turkish cast on.  I found an awesome video to demonstrate it.  No talking, no fiddling, just straight into the demonstration, and I was able to follow right along.  You can find the video here:  Turkish Cast on.

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