Home Again!

We had a really nice trip to Oklahoma, but it is good to be home.  We took some pictures, but I think I left my camera charger in a hotel in Tulsa.  I think.  And the extra battery.  I found a universal charger though today, and I am charging up the battery that was in the camera.

I’d been looking forward to posting about the things I have been knitting.  For example, I made this baby hat and matching socks.

This pattern came from the Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders book.  It’s got a ton of neat patterns in it.  I’ve not done much with it yet.  The yarn is awesome colorful superwash Wollmeise.  I made a cowl with it, this hat and socks, and I have enough left to make something else as well.  I love that yarn.

I made the prettiest little green baby sweater too.  It has a lace pattern at the shoulders. It was an interesting construction in which you knit the body and the sleeves, and then you put them all onto one circular needle to knit them together.  This was a little tricky at first, but it looks really nice.  You can find the pattern and some pics here:  Maile Sweater. Somehow, I forgot to take pictures of it, although I could have sworn that I had. I’ll try to get some pictures soon.

The beauty of baby knitting (for me at least) is that I don’t fret over swatching much, because I figure at some point, this little sweater will fit.  This sweater, a little unfortunately, won’t fit until Baby L is about a year old.  I really should swatch more.

On our return trip home, I had about 3 skeins of sock yarn so that I’d have plenty of knitting.  I wasn’t sure which yarn I’d want to get going on.  Unfortunately, about an hour into the trip, this happened.

My needle snapped into at least 4 pieces.  I am still not quite sure what happened.  Maybe they were getting a little brittle?  I am not sure, but while I had tons of yarn, I’d only brought one set of sock needles.  I didn’t have much hope that Walmart would have any needles (this was my only realistic possibility on the road in Kansas on a Sunday), but then they had size 2!

I really didn’t think I’d be too thrilled about knitting with metal dpns, but I’m actually liking them pretty darn well.  I’ve gotten a good start on these socks that I’m knitting with Zauberball.

I’m looking forward to posting more pictures from our trip!

4 thoughts on “Home Again!

  1. that IS the prettiest little green sweater. i’m glad it’s a little bigger so she can wear it longer. plus we have the sweetest little slippers and sandals for when she is tiny. thank you guys so much for making the trip to OK and all of the time and money you put into the shower. it was great to see you all. i wish we were all closer. thanks for all the work you put into babs little sweater and shoes. please thank davey for the cute minnie mouse and outfit. he has wonderful taste. i appreciate you locating the tiramisu. so good. when is david doing a trail race? we will work on de-catting the house so you can still come and visit 🙂 hope the summer semester goes smoothly for you.
    <3, hp

  2. What type of needles were they? I’ve heard of some types of wood or bamboo needing to be oiled every once in awhile to avoid being brittle. I love the color changes on the socks though!

  3. Hi Christina! Today is Sept. 7, but I have sorely fallen behind in reading your wonderful blog, so (being at home with a horrid head cold and feeling toxic) I am catching up on Cpeezers! I had to laugh outloud about your only taking one set of sock needles and then breaking a needle. My bamboo needles get weak after several pairs of socks. I think they soak up the oils from our skin or lose moisture….it’s a mystery, but I usually lose one a year. I have so many different sets–I mostly use size 1 for socks, unless I am making the 40-stitch “house” socks, then I use size 4. But I actually looked and can say that I have 7 or 8 sets of dp needles of each of size 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. There must be a 12-step program for people who buy too many needles and too much yarn. Sigh. : )

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