Podster Gloves, Davey’s Pizza and Super Boy

I finished the Podster gloves today that I began many months ago.  The second mitten top was easier on my brain.  Mostly because I had the first one to refer back to.


I really liked knitting with this Shibui yarn.  It is a soft wool, and it’s very easy to knit with.


So above we have mitten top in position “off”.  Even the thumb has flaps for ease of texting!  Cool huh.

“Flap on”.


And of course I liked it best when Davey joined us in the photographs.


Davey finished up the summer reading program today.  He enjoyed turning in his record of the books we’d read.  One of the rewards was for a mini pizza kit from Papa Murphy’s.  He was very excited about this.  He could not wait to get home and make it.


Davey ate a little more than half of it.  He was having his lunch on the coffee table, and he left his plate sitting there while he went off to play.  He’d had all he wanted at this point.  Lucky for Koko!  Next thing I know Koko has tumped the plate over and had herself a pizza feast.  I am always just happy to see the old girl show some enthusiasm.  She enthusiastically finished off that pizza.  Everyone was happy!

And finally – Super Davey!

1 thought on “Podster Gloves, Davey’s Pizza and Super Boy

  1. When you have little boys, it’s a good idea to have a doggie vacuum cleaner too.

    Love the mittens. It is hard to believe right now that you’ll ever need them, but I suppose where you live winter will be there before you know it.

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