Quiet Sunday Afternoon

Davey and I are going to head to the Farmer’s Market in a little while.  There is a Sunday one right by our house.  I went this morning and got an assortment of vegetables.  I also met a lady who makes bags with fabric that is made from organic hemp and cotton.  Then she paints them with pictures of mainly Colorado flowers.  They are really pretty, but we are going to buy a “blank” bag and some paint and paint it ourselves.  I’d like to have a knitting bag with Davey’s artwork painted on it.  I’ll have to post pictures.  Davey is willing to accompany me because I mentioned that there is a booth where they are selling cupcakes.  David put in an order for one as well.

I’m about to finish my convertible mittens.  Maybe today.  I think argyle may also be in my near future. I have a good friend who likes argyle socks.  I’ve never taken on argyle – or really any intarsia – so I am going to give it a try soon.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Davey had a pirate theme last week at Little Gym.  He went to a camp and then a class and then to a parent survival night, so he participated in several pirate-themed activities.  He loved it and wanted to continue the pirate party at home.  Yesterday he wanted us to have a pirate pizza party and a treasure hunt.  He and David drew a treasure map and went on a treasure hunt.  Davey and I made pirate hats.  We found an easy template here: Pirate Hat. I printed it and cut it out, and then Davey wanted to color it.  He made a black one for himself, a pink one for me, and a blue one for David.

We were quite the pirate family!

3 thoughts on “Quiet Sunday Afternoon

  1. Hi there,

    I am the kids crafts designer at http://www.crafts-for-kids-to-make.com and I designed the skull and crossbones template that your little boy used on his pirate hat…it looks brilliant!

    I just wondered whether I could ask your permission to share a copy of your photo on my web-site? Just to show other browsers how the project can turn out when kids put their own spin on it!

    If you’d be able to get back to me at becky@crafts-for-kids-to-make.com that would be brilliant, looking forward to hearing from you, Becky x

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