Cottonwood Pass and some Fishing

We just got home from spending a few days up in the mountains.  David fished a ton, and he had a great time catching a ton of fish.

On our way to Almont, we went over Cottonwood Pass.  This is quite a pass.


It’s one of those kinda scary switchbacky passes where you find yourself parallel with the road you were just on (I know there are a lot of these in Colorado!).  Lots of “U”s.  Davey announced that he was afraid of heights.  David is usually not a fan of heights, but he doesn’t mind “mountain heights”.  Davey and I were hanging on for dear life, but the view was beautiful.


We stopped for pictures at the top of the pass.  It was cold!


I got a picture or two with Davey.  I was trying to cuddle close.


He huddled for moment but then broke loose mid-pose!


We got settled into our cabin, and then David began 4 great days of fishing.

We fished outside of Gunnison on one day.  (I say we, I actually didn’t do much fishing this trip, but I did do quite abit of knitting!)


Davey and I built a rock village while David fished a little more.


And then off he went back towards Daddy.

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