Hanging out in the Mountains

We had several days of just hanging out.  We fished a little with David, but sometimes when he was doing this:

and this:

Davey and I would just hang out at the river.  He loved to play with grass, flowers, rocks, trees, anything in his path.


Sometimes I built things with him, but other times I watched him play while I knitted.


Davey in action:


and of course in the squat position that he can hold forever.


And then running again!


Davey also always wants to have a “picnic”.  It can be very simple.  Just some M&Ms and a “pretty sun” can suffice.


One day we went on a short hike behind the cabins.  I have to say that Davey was “Mr Cranky Pants” deluxe, and he didn’t really want to go.  But then he began to have fun.  We didn’t go far, but it was an uphill climb. Ok well this picture is the view looking back down!


We had a pretty view though once we got up a ways.


Davey would run down and then back.


He’d come say hi.


And then off again.


We’d been talking about not being on our phones and computers while we were on our trip.  We’d talked how it was nice to get away from the technology for just a little while.  So then Davey and I turned around, and we saw this!


: )


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