Cottonwood Farms – Pre-K Field Trip

Yesterday, we met Davey’s class at a pumpkin patch.  There were farm animals to see, a hay bale maze, a corn maze and of course pumpkins!

Davey posed on a pumpkin for me – kinda.


Davey saw the corn maze, and he wanted us to go through it.  “I know we are terrible at corn mazes,” he said, but he wanted to try it out anyway.  We are pretty bad at corn mazes, but we went in with confidence.


I don’t know if Davey actually remembers this or if he just remembers the story, but a little while later, he said, “I’m looking for Boy Scouts” (We relied on boy scouts to get us out of our very first corn maze a couple of years ago.  He wasn’t even quite 3, but maybe he remembers this:  “Save Yourselves“!)

It’s not looking too good here either.


Fortunately this maze was not nearly as large as the Denver Botanical Gardens maze, and we found our way out.

So we checked everything out.  Measured Davey:


And of course I have a fondness for sheep.


Davey joined his pre-k friends in the hay bale maze.  He had a great time despite realizing he is fairly allergic to hay.


Davey and one of his friends had to check out the friendly big black dog too.


We had to go pick a pumpkin of course.


Which Davey and David promptly took home and carved.


One of Davey’s teachers kindly offered to take a family picture of us.


Fun day.

Oh!  “Happy I Love Yarn Day!”

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