Minikickers, Fall, Yarn

We’ve had another busy but good week.

Davey has been going to a weekly soccer camp.  It’s been in addition to playing on his soccer team.  He has really enjoyed it.  It’s just been 45 minutes on Tuesdays, and they play lots of fun games with the soccer ball.


He received a certificate at the end, and he enjoyed this “ceremony”.




He also has been having fun playing with his “village”.  He requests yarn from me and then hangs long pieces of it all over his village.



He’s up here with me right now cutting those long pieces of yarn into short pieces of yarn.  He’s working on his scissor skills.

The trees have been so pretty.  I went for a short walk around the neighborhood the other day after I dropped Davey off at pre-k.  Everything is very golden here.


I didn’t get a great picture, but I noticed that the mountains are getting snowy again.


And then finally, Davey and I have been working on a knitting project.  It’s Halloween related so I am trying to get it done before Halloween, but there’s not been a lot of knitting time lately.  Here’s a sneak peek.  I can’t wait to finish this!

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