Something Beautiful Shrug

I just finished the prettiest little shrug.  It’s called the “Something Beautiful Shrug”.  I made it for my new little niece, Lila.  I’d never knit a shrug before, but this was a really nice fun pattern.


I have been in the Woolen Rabbit yarn club this year.  Her yarn is beautiful, and every two months I receive yarn and a pattern to go with it.  I’ve not had a chance to knit the first two shipments yet.  The pattern that went with this yarn was a pattern for a cloche.  It was cute, but I just wasn’t really feeling it.  I decided I’d rather make little Lila something.

This is not exactly practical baby wearing yarn, but I couldn’t resist.  It’s a wool/cashmere/nylon blend.  It is so soft though and it was wonderful to knit with.  Babies should sometimes be surrounded in luxurious yarn too!  Although I think it will handwash great.  And if some spit up landing on it is its destiny, that’s ok too!


On a somewhat related topic, David, Davey and I had a little discussion about rabbits this morning (and sea creatures). David was telling Davey and I about a restaurant he went to last night.  He ordered this seafood salad.  He sent me a  picture.  It involved things that looked like they were going to crawl off his plate but which were nestled in a green froth also known as sea urchin pesto.  Too much  for this country kid I think, but David enjoyed it.  He mentioned to Davey that some of the rest of the group had rabbit.  Davey said, “RABBIT?”

David told him yes and then added that he used to hunt rabbits when he was a kid.  Davey responded with, “I ain’t gonna kill any bunnies!”

(not sure how the ain’t entered his vocabulary. :))



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