Wee Pup Meets Wee Tot: A New Addition to Our Family!

We have a new member of our family.

This past Tuesday, we went to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.  I’d been keeping an eye on their available dogs for awhile, and on Monday, I saw a puppy that I thought might fit well into our family.

So Davey, my mom and I went to go meet him.  We loved him right away.

photo (3)


We put a hold on him and waited for David to be done with work so that he could come meet him.  He loved him too.  Next thing we knew, he was home with us.




When we adopted him, his name was Andy.  We decided we weren’t crazy about Andy for him.  After that, he was Patches for several hours.  Merle (he has a red merle coat), Bandit, and Roger (after Mr. Rogers Federer) were also briefly discussed.  We finally settled on Buster. I think it fits him well.

We introduced him to Koko not too long after we got home.  I need to get some pictures of them together.  I’ve not been too successful yet. I couldn’t keep them together for long.  Buster wants to get in her face and she wants to avoid him.  She is very tolerant for the most part.  She lets him jump up in her face and on him.  But then, she will decide she has had enough.  One snarl of the teeth, and Buster knows to vamoose.

Buster and Davey are getting to know each other.  They have a great time chasing each other, but Davey is not overly thrilled with those sharp little puppy teeth.  Neither am I!



His first night was a little rough.  He had a nervous tummy and so couldn’t stay in his crate.  He and I finally settled down in the basement, where he finally settled down at about 3 am.  Poor thing.

Since then he’s done pretty well at night.  He is getting used to his crate and is listening pretty well.  We are not used to have a dog who might actually do what we ask.  Koko has never been what you would call an obedient dog – or anywhere near that.  Timber was a little better, but he was pretty stubborn too.  Even Daisy was not the greatest listener.  This pattern would suggest something about the owners as well I think. 🙂  But obedience training classes are in his near future, and we will try to get him trained well.   He is also progressing on his housetraining.  He seems like a pretty smart little guy.


His coat has these red merle patches.  He has one very blue eye and one kind of brownish-gray eye.  He also has a really sweet nature.

He’s in his crate giving me the big puppy eyes right now.

photo (4)


But in the time it took to take and upload that picture, he has fallen asleep again.

Sweet boy!




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