Buster, Koko and Snow!

We are getting some snow here today.  It kind of paused for the moment, but it is so windy outside.  I have never experienced a blizzard, but I can imagine how that wind combined with heavy snow could be impossible.

David took Koko and Buster out this morning to play for a few minutes.  I asked him to take some pictures.  I’ve got a cold and didn’t want to venture out.  Davey and I were watching them from the window.

Buster exhibited signs of his part Siberian “Huskiness”.  He loved the snow.  He was trying to gobble it up.



He also desperately wanted to play with Koko.  Koko desperately wanted to not play with him.



Buster was in constant motion.  I guess that is to be expected from a 10 week old pup!



Koko is a very old girl who is not getting around very well anymore.  She’s never been great in the snow though.  Her fluffy fur is not made for it.  She is meant to sit in a castle and command her minions (You can ask her).



In contrast, Buster is a ball of goofy pup who is going to thrive on snow play.



I do love a goofy dog, but I also love my regal girl!


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