Embroidered Mary Janes

A month or so ago, I knitted and embroidered these little booties.  I really like the idea of embroidering on knitting, and so I have been experimenting.  I did not take notes or immediately document on ravelry that these were in process, so I can’t remember which Mary Jane pattern I knitted.  There are several nice ones on ravelry though – free too.  I knitted one of those patterns  I’m not real happy about my memory sometimes.

I used just the regular DMC embroidery floss.  I used all six strands. (six right?)



I just kinda of played around with the lazy daisy stitch and meandered around the booties.




I sent them to my little niece Lila whose feet are rapidly growing.  They were cute on her, but I am thinking they won’t fit long.  I would guess that they no longer fit now, but I think they are kind of fun to look at and remember that her feet were once that size for just a little while.


3 thoughts on “Embroidered Mary Janes

  1. maybe she has a Doll that can wear them :-). so excited to see your post, I actually just went to your fb page yesterday to see if I had missed a blog entry :-), the way fb has narrowed who sees what, I was afraid I had missed one!

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