New Year!

We were home for New Year’s.  I made the traditional herring salad and rolie polies.  We put up decorations and had our own little party.


We had a fun time.



New Year’s Day, Davey’s cousin came over to visit.  We’d not seen her in quite awhile, so Davey was so excited to have her over.

They made pizzas together.



They decorated cookies.



David took a lovely shot of the cookie decorating.



Each day has also included walking Buster.  He has been with us for a month how, and he is growing so fast.  I took this picture almost a week ago, and his legs are already longer.  It’s not easy to photograph this little guy.



Davey always has to carry something on our walks.  He pretends with his chosen objects and becomes involved in some big imaginary story as we walk.  On this day, he’d chosen a few tinker toys.



We’ve had a really nice break.

Happy New Year!

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