Knitting and a little Buster (not General Custer).

I have been doing some knitting over the break.

I finished a little elephant – and as I was posting this picture, I just now realized he still has no eyes.  Need to add some.


It’s a pattern by Susan B Anderson called elefante.  This was a really fun knit and I was able to use leftover yarn from my stash.  It’s Cascade 220 and some other things that I can’t remember now.  I just really like this little guy.   I kept him for my very own. He is perched on my desk, and he’s quite cheerful.

I also recently knit a little hat from the Knit Simple Winter 2012 issue.  It’s a great magazine which included 50 gift idea patterns for Christmas.  I knit a little hat for my new cousin George.  Well he is my cousin’s son.  Does that make him my cousin once removed or my second cousin?  I never have really figured this cousin thing out.  I really have no excuse though do I?  Google at my fingertips.

ok – so I googled it and apparently he is my first cousin once removed.  (I think!)  Anyway, he’s four months old and very cute.

I kinda digressed from the knitting.  What a cute little hat.  I made it with a bamboo blend.


The little earflaps were easy to add on, and I love the cabling in the hat. I didn’t have a little baby to serve as a model, so I tried out Davey’s bear Rock Star Winkie.  Not the best photo, although Winkie is kinda cute sporting it.


David took a picture of me with Buster the other day.  See those longggg legs? (obviously his not mine.)  He is just a growing.  Davey calls him “General Custer” a lot (although he usually says ‘Custard’).  Somehow we came up with a song about “Buster – not General Custer”


“His name is Buster, not General Custer”.  Davey loves that.

1 thought on “Knitting and a little Buster (not General Custer).

  1. What a sweet little hat. It looks perfectly soft for a little one.

    Your pup is adorable!

    You’ll have to bring Davey down here. We have an ice cream shop called Custard’s Last Stand. I think he would LOVE it. LOL

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