Mittens for Davey

The other night I made a mitten for Davey.  It knit up really fast.  I made it while we were watching a movie.  I held it up for David to see, and he immediately said that it would be too small.  I guess I am in denial as to Davey’s size.  David was right.  Davey could squeeze it onto his hand, but that’s about it.

photo (12)


I guess it is apparent that the blue mitten was my first attempt.  I need to knit the second one and send to my little cousin George.  They should fit him in the next year or two!

It turned out ok because Davey really wanted red mittens anyway.  So I made him some red ones.   They are actually just a little big, but he really likes them.  This picture is blurry, but I like Davey’s grin and the way he is showing the mittens.

photo (11)


Guess who is making him laugh here?

photo (10)


Yep.  Buster.  Buster keeps Davey laughing!

So I used a Lion brand easy mitten pattern for the red mittens.  I had used a pattern from for the blue mitten.  I didn’t check gauge (obviously), and so what I thought should have fit –  didn’t.  I liked the blue mitten pattern though because I used dpns and knit them in the round.  I was hesitant to use the Lion brand pattern, because you knit them flat and then seam them up.  I thought – why in the world would I knit something flat that is circular when I could knit in the round?  But I thought I’d give them a try.  Turns out, I really liked the pattern a lot!   The mittens are small so the seaming went really quickly.

I’ll definitely make these again.  It’s been so darn cold here that I think I may have to knit some for me today!

2 thoughts on “Mittens for Davey

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your speed in completing projects. I looked at the picture of the red mitten and thought “that’s WAY too big for Davey.” haha. Oh well, it made me think you should knit some way big ones out of wool and felt them…they would be SO warm and fuzzy! Thanks for always sharing! : ) — Kathy

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