Sunday Sick Kid and Knitting Stuff

We are having a quiet Sunday.  Trying to encourage Davey to rest and take it easy. Last night right before bed, he asked for a towel.  Said he’d need it because he felt like he was going to “spit” (this is what he calls throwing up).

We were hoping for the best, because he’d seemed healthy all day up to the moment he went to bed, but two hours later he needed that towel (and a bunch more).  He threw up every hour for awhile and then every couple of hours after that.  After awhile, he didn’t have anything left, but he didn’t get it out of his system until about 4:30 am.

6:00 am – he wakes up and is a little shaky, a little puny, but he’s pretty much ready to go.  After such a sick night, he’s had a fairly normal day.  He’s not played as hard, but he has eaten some and has been drinking quite abit.  Amazing.  He’s still puny, but typically I’d be confined to the couch sipping 7-up and eating a few Saltines.

He just decided he wanted to play with Playdoh, and a little bit ago he helped me block a sweater I just finished.

photo (14)

It’s more like a short-sleeved cardigan I guess.  Almost a vest.  It’s a free pattern called Abalone.  It’s been knit over 1,800 times on Ravelry!  It was a fun pattern to knit.  I relearned how to do applied i-cord for the bind-off.  There was a lot of it, but it’s kind of fun to do.  I used a merino silk blend called Tahki Sedona.  It’s been really nice to knit with.  I bought it back in Arkadelphia – probably almost 4 years ago.

I started this sometime last year.  I think it was last year.  I didn’t note it on Ravelry, so I can’t be sure.  It’s the year of finishing things (hopefully!).   So anyway, Davey likes to help me pin.  He did a great job too.  As soon as it dries, I will try it on, and I’ll hopefully want to get some more pictures of the final product.  That’s always the goal!


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