Cotton Creek Picnic




Yesterday, Davey and I decided to go to a park and have a picnic. We’ve gone from lots of snow last weekend to it being almost 70 degrees yesterday.

We decided to take Buster.  He immediately jumped in the car ready to go.

buster-driverAfter relocating Buster to the back of the car, we headed out to Cotton Creek Park.

It’s a really pretty park in Westminster.  It sits up on a big hill, and so we had a really nice view of the mountains and the big sky.

cotton-creek-mtn-viewDavey and I sat down to eat our lunch although Buster wanted his too and so immediately sneaked in and took half of Davey’s sandwich.

cotton-creek-pbjWe forgave Buster of course. It is completely by accident that he is quickly developing a taste for human food.  We wanted to avoid it, but he’s figured out that following around a 5 year old can result in capturing some delicious treats.

cotton-creek-petting-busterDavey played on the playground for awhile.

cotton-rope-wallBuster always had an eye on him.

buster-watches-daveyHere is Buster looking pretty handsome!

cotton-creek-beautiful-busterThis is the more typical goofy Buster. Those ears!


As usual, Davey had some big imagining game going on which involved superheroes.

davey-playingHe did take a small break.  For just a moment.

cotton-small-breakbeautiful day!


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