Easter 2013

Easter!  We had a great day.  Today it has been raw and rainy.  This is rare here, so I’ll take it, but on Sunday we had a beautiful perfect day.  Davey loved his Easter basket.  He loved hunting eggs at our house.  He hunted eggs for the second year in a row with his friends across the street.  The little girls came back to our house in the afternoon, and we hid eggs again.  And – there was Easter dinner.  That didn’t impress Davey much, but David and I really enjoyed it.

I guess we really began the evening before with our egg dying.  Davey was being silly and having a fun time.


Sunday he was up bright and early ready to open his Easter basket and to hunt eggs.  It was a chilly start to the day, but that didn’t phase him at all.


Davey got a battery powered bubble maker in his Easter basket.  This became one of the highlights of the day.  Turns out Buster loves bubbles.


He followed Davey around and tried his best to capture many bubbles.


Here’s one of my favorite Buster action shots.


He’s a funny little guy, and Davey found it all pretty hilarious as well.


We had a great Easter lunch.  You can tell how great it was by how Davey piled his plate high with food.


I have to announce proudly though that he ate that entire stalk of asparagus.  We were excited (an asparagus first for him!).  I also made a new potato au gratin recipe.  The cheese in the recipe was asiago (and a little parmesan).  I also used turkey bacon instead of regular.  I’ll be making that one again!

On Easter Eve, Davey and I were talking at bedtime. Davey tends to get philosophical right before he goes to sleep.  He talked for awhile and then ended by explaining to me that the most important things are love and family.  Well said!


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