All that Moving Stuff

I’m making all the calls this morning to end utilities and stuff here.  Thankfully, I was only on hold on one phone call and that was with Comcast.  I have become a pretty patient person except when it comes to anything that involves an 800 number.  It was painless today though.  We will even now have internet in our temporary home for the next three weeks.  Yay for that!

Up until last Friday we were all set to stay in an Extended Stay hotel for three weeks.  It would have been fine, but I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Then all of a sudden, I was talking to a friend who we realized was closing on her new house on the same day we are selling ours.  They are keeping their condo as a rental, and it has now worked out that we will be their first renters for the next three weeks.

So another Yay for that!  The condo is on a golf course, there’s a pool, it’s pretty close to Davey’s friend Olivia, not too much farther from work, and Davey will go to his summer camp for another month.  All great stuff considering the stress of moving again.

Then begins the trek to Washington State.  Another good friend told me about a website called Roadside America. It is a guide to “offbeat tourist attractions”.  You can map the attractions alongside your route.  I’ve got to get started on that soon.  It’s a long drive, and we will need some entertainment stops!  I’m looking forward to blogging about some of those!

So Davey just got a new Harry Potter wand from his lovely Aunt “H. Potter”. (That’s really her name!)  I am wishing he could put that wand to some good use and zippity zap us to Washington!  It will be a fun experience doing it the “Muggle way” as well though, and by this time next month we should be making our way to our new home.

Here’s Davey and his new wand!


My great Buster has been hanging out with me this morning while Davey’s at camp and David is playing golf.

photo (1)


That’s “some” dog!  (We have got to read Charlotte’s Web to Davey soon!)




2 thoughts on “All that Moving Stuff

  1. Your move to Washington sounds like a great adventure! I bet you could write a book about the ins & outs of moving. I’m looking forward to your posts about what you find along the way.

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