Sprinklers in Colorado

It’s been pretty hot here lately, so the other day we picked up a new sprinkler for Davey to play in.  I guess I have never become completely acclimated to Colorado summers. I am not convinced that it is ever hot enough in this state to play in the water outside.  It may be bright and sunny, but the air is so dry that when I come out of the water, I am always cold.

I always feel like this:



But Davey got in there and had a good time.



Buster did too. He tried to eat the sprinkler.  He didn’t much like the cold water either, and he’s covered with fur!



Still though, it definitely cooled Davey off in a hurry.



David discovered a broken screen the other day, and Davey has had more fun playing with it.  He thought it might protect him somewhat from the cold water conditions.



He learned that it really didn’t, but there are endless other imaginative possibilities!

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