Settling in for a little while

We are out of our house and now settled into the condo we are renting from a friend for the month of July.  It’s great.  David is thrilled.  He is one of the most active people you would ever meet, but he loves having everything on one floor.

I’ve been sitting outside watching the golfers go by.  We face one of the holes on the course, and they are lined up all day.  On green, fairway, teebox – all day!  I’m listening to them talk golf on the course.  Golf course people watching.  Pretty funny.



I’d like to live in Erie.  It’s not even ten miles north of our house, but it sits in a big valley.  I love the big open space and then the big mountain view to the west.  This picture doesn’t come close to doing the view justice.



We watched fireworks from right outside the condo two nights ago and then last night with our friends in Broomfield.   Buster sat next to me last night when we watched them, and they didn’t phase him at all.  He’s a good dog (even though I am currently having to keep him from barking at golfers).

We are worn out today so it’s a lazy day.  Davey loves playdoh and was enjoying a new set this morning.  It’s amazing how fast he can mix up the colors.



Time for a little knitting I think.

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