Splash Pad, Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich and a Dragon

Today we went over to downtown Lafayette. It’s not far from where we are staying. Old downtown Lafayette is fun.  You don’t feel like you are in suburbia there, but instead it’s like being back in a nice small town.  I told David that this is a great transitioning to our return to small town life in three weeks.  I am looking forward to it!

We took Davey to a splash pad there.  He had fun splashing around and it was hot enough today that he didn’t mind getting completely soaking wet.



I needed some yarn too (really!), and there just happens to be a yarn shop in Lafayette.  I’d never been before.  It wasn’t the closest yarn shop to our house in Broomfield so I’d never checked it out.  It was a really nice shop called Mew Mews.  I could see myself taking my knitting there and hanging out.

While I was there (I’d left David and Davey at the splash pad.  For some reason, they never have any interest in accompanying me to a yarn shop.) I noticed a large dragon in the back of the shop.

photo (7)


He is taller than me.

photo (8)


Completely knitted by a fiber artist named Collette Smith.  She works at the shop, and I loved learning about her work.  Her website includes a page which has pictures and details about the creation of this dragon. So interesting!  This dragon is just incredible.  I was so glad that I went by.

When I got back to the splash pad, Davey was ready to go have ice cream.  There is a ice cream/bakery next door to the splash pad called Eats and Sweets.  Davey debated between a cupcake and ice cream with sprinkles.  He chose the ice cream. David and I could not resist splitting a banana bread ice cream sandwich.  Why had I not ever thought of this?  It was so good that I had to take a food shot.

photo (6)


Way too good.  Definitely “WTC”!  (worth the calories!).

I’m so glad we are spending some time “up north” here.  I’m sure we will be back to Lafayette several more times before we go!

3 thoughts on “Splash Pad, Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich and a Dragon

  1. That dragon is awesome! Did you tell Davey about it? He may look forward to going to yarn shops in the duture… That banana bread ice cream sandwich looks pretty good, too. I just might have to try that myself.

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